What could possibly be causing the green glow from the new purple bins in Strange Town?

Logan, Eva and Otis are used to bizarre and unusual things happening in their town, but this is new!

Logan is woken by his Mum and told to take out the rubbish. A new bin has appeared at the end of their driveway. New bins have been given to everyone on the street. Has the council left yet another bin for recycling or has it come from elsewhere?

This entertaining new series has been carefully written to appeal to children aged 9-12 with a reading age of 7-8. Rubbish Invasion is one of eight titles in Danny Pearson's new series, Strange Town, and features a general introduction to ensure each title can be read as a standalone novel, a map to help the reader picture the world of Strange Town, and a page highlighting any difficult vocabulary.

The imaginative plots are emphasized with the superb illustrations by popular illustrator, Steve Beckett. He has successfully conversed with Danny to capture the fun and vibrancy of the series, ensuring that the attention of reluctant readers is grabbed from the first page.

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