Digital Downloads FAQ's

What do I need to be able to read eBooks?

To read an eBook you need a computer or mobile device that supports eBook reader software.

Purchasing eBooks

After you have purchased an eBook from us you will be offered a download for it. BEFORE you download any of your eBooks you need to ensure that you have installed Adobe Digital Editions, and activated it. This software is free and available from

Security Warning on eBook Download

Nothing happens when I click the Download Button

In order for the download to open automatically you need to have an activated copy of Adobe Digital Editionsinstalled on your machine.

The downloaded file is an .acsm file and might have downloaded to your machine with nothing else happening. If the .acsm file has downloaded to your pc double click this file to complete the download and open in Adobe Digital Editions.

When I click my download in Internet Explorer I get a warning bar and the book does not download

Internet Explorer has a security setting which prevents downloads from happening without a user's intervension. The user sees an alert at the top of the website window which looks like a pop-up blocker message.

In order to facilitate downloads this feature needs disabling. To do this.:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Tools | Internet Options and Click the Security tab.
  3. Select the Internet zone and Click Custom level.
  4. Scroll down the list until you find the settings for Downloads
  5. Select Enable for Automatic prompting for file downloads.
  6. Click OK to exit Security Settings and then Internet Options.
  7. Restart Internet Explorer.

If the download button is still available try to download again otherwise contact us and we will reset the download for you.

How do I transfer my eBook to my eReader?

Any eBook which requires the use of Adobe Digital Editions must be transferred to the eReader using it as Adobe needs to authorise the transfer process.

To perform the transfer your eReader should be connected to your computer via USB and then turned on. At this point you should be prompted for your Adobe ID by Adobe Digital Editions in order to authorise your eReader. Once authorised your eReader will appear in the Bookshelves section of the Adobe Digital Editionsinterface and the eBook can be dragged and dropped into it.

Where can I get Adobe Digitial Editions?

Adobe Digital Editions is free and available from

Remember to Activate it before use.

How do I find my .acsm file?

If you need to locate the .acsm download file due to a problem with your initial download, try the following:

  • Check the location where your browser automatically saves downloaded files:
  • Internet Explorer (Windows): C:\...[username]\My Documents\Downloads
  • Firefox (Mac): Go to Firefox | Preferences. In the General tab, look in the Downloads area. Check the setting Save Files for the download location.
  • Firefox (Windows): Go to Tools | Options . In the General tab, look in the Downloads area. Check the setting Save Files To for the download location.
  • Safari (Mac): Choose Safari | Preferences. In the General tab, check the setting Save Downloaded Files To.
  • Google Chrome: Choose Customize and Control Google Chrome |Options. In the Under the Hoodtab, look under the Downloads heading. Check the Download location setting.
  • Search your hard drive for the .ascm (eBook) file.