KS2 Guided Reading: Year 3

Year 3 children are emerging as newly independent readers and while few are still working through the Book Bands system, others are starting to require titles that go beyond Lime level. In our Year 3 Enjoy Guided Reading Packs we introduce ‘real’ chapter books with illustration and slightly more complex grammatical structures, character development and plot. 

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Items 1-16 of 45

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Year 3 Guided Reading Resources

We have used the very best talented and experienced authors for this age group and have selected a mix of timeless classics such as Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’, alongside popular sure-fire winners, Dirty Bertie (Alan Macdonald) and Horrid Henry (Francesca Simon).

Enjoy Guided Reading Book Bands for KS2: Year 3 Lime, Brown and Grey
Two books have been chosen by our team for each band; Lime, Brown and Grey. Lime is more accessible for less confident readers, Brown is about average at this age and Grey would be suitable for your most confident readers in the class. The selected books are fun, fresh and appealing and children will love them.

Enjoy Guided Reading Gifted & Talented: Year 3.
Do you have confident or super-confident readers in Year 3? What do you give the most confident readers to aid progression and how do you ensure themes and storylines do not surpass their maturity? We read and assess every title to make certain they challenge and motivate your very good readers whilst keeping the content appropriate for their age.